Announcing MobileIron OneTouch

Today we are announcing MobileIron OneTouch, a new solution that will transform the way that companies adopt apps. OneTouch will be the only solution to deploy and secure iOS business apps out-of-the-box. Organizations of any size will be able to get up and running with a sophisticated mobile apps program in a matter of days, not months.

Mobility changes the way we work. Mobile apps are the engine of this transformation. iOS is synonymous with mobile apps and has inspired developers to create powerful business apps with great user experiences that make individuals happier and more productive.

MobileIron OneTouch simplifies app adoption. IT will be able to quickly deploy and secure iOS apps as a bundle instead of one-by-one. Employees will be able to use apps right away because provisioning, configuration, and authentication will be truly automated.

Simplicity enables speed and, in the Mobile First economy, speed creates business advantage. The simplicity of MobileIron OneTouch will accelerate the adoption of iOS apps in the enterprise. Individuals will be able to do their jobs in the way in which they want. And they won’t have to wait, because OneTouch will give CIOs the tools and confidence they need to go fast. Companies will be able to move their core business processes to mobile quickly and cost-effectively.

The launch of the first iPhone in June 2007 signaled the birth of the modern operating system and set the stage for the introduction of Apple’s App Store the next year. The launch of the first iPad in April 2010 was the catalyst for the Mobile First apps revolution. Now, five years later, mobile apps have become a core part of the business strategy of forward-thinking organizations.

Our vision at MobileIron is that mobility unlocks human potential in the workplace. By accelerating the adoption of iOS business apps, OneTouch will take us a giant step closer to that goal.

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Ojas Rege

Chief Strategy Officer

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Ojas Rege's perspective on enterprise mobility has been covered by Bloomberg, CIO Magazine, Financial Times, Forbes, and Reuters. He coined the term “Mobile First” on TechCrunch in 2007, one week after the launch of the first iPhone, to represent a new model of personal and business computing. He is co-inventor on six mobility patents, including the enterprise app store and BYOD privacy. Ojas is also a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute for information security policy. Ojas has a BS/MS in Computer Engineering from M.I.T. and an MBA from Stanford. Ojas is also Board Chair for Pact, a non-profit in Oakland, California that provides adoption services for children of color and their parents.