Accelerate Enterprise Android App Deployment with Google Play alpha and beta Channels

Earlier this year, MobileIron introduced support for managed Google Play, allowing enterprises to deploy and manage work apps using the the scale and reliability of Google’s app store. Android enterprise deployments can already deploy and configure public and private apps today.

With MobileIron Core 9.6, administrators can now distribute different versions of an app to users using Google Play’s alpha and beta test infrastructure. Administrators and app developers can distribute early releases of apps to a subset of users, and subsequently to upgrade these users to production versions when ready.

Key Benefits for administrators and developers:

  • Agile app delivery with faster time-to-market flexibility
  • Improved quality with early release deployments to small groups of users
  • Use the Play Developers Console to collect app quality metrics and measure app stability
  • Distribute with Google Play using staged rollouts, automated updates and

Alpha and beta tests are integral to app development best practises, and enabling this support on Google Play helps enterprises accelerate app development leading to enhanced productivity in the mobile workforce.

Interested in learning more? MobileIron customers and partners can take advantage of materials published to our Community portal at

Adrian Kok

Director Product Management at MobileIron