iOS 12.2 is changing the way some iOS devices enroll into UEM

Apple is about to release the latest version of its flagship operating system for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. iOS 12.2 is currently in public Beta, and companies that would like an early look can opt in at When the final version is released, we should see some important changes around how BYOD devices enroll using UEM services like MobileIron Cloud and MobileIron Core, and we recommend that organizations prepare. The changes in the enrollment process are for non-supervised devices only. They won’t apply to devices that enroll using services like Apple Device Enrollment (DEP or Apple Business Manager) or Apple Configurator 2.

What has changed?

As seen in the latest Beta version 3 release of iOS 12.2, there are additional steps required to enroll a personally-owned device. After a user is authenticated, they must navigate to the Settings/General/Profiles to install the MDM profile. The BYOD enrollment process can be initiated using the MobileIron Go app (Cloud) or Mobile@Work (Core), or by navigating to an enrollment URL as we show in the video below.

Please note that in the Beta 5 release of iOS 1.2, after the profile has been downloaded, the device will display the message "Profile Downloaded." Previously, "Install Downloaded Profile" was displayed.



The clock is ticking

After an enrollment profile is downloaded, it must be installed within 8 minutes. That means that a user must open the settings app and select the profile from the General/Profile menu, and then follow the install options. If they don’t complete the profile installation within 8 minutes, it will disappear and the user will need to re-authenticate and download the profile again.



Want to learn more?

For MobileIron customers and partners, we’ve published a detailed article about the changes in enrollment behavior on our portal. Another great article was published by Adrian Patrascu in detailing recommendations for mobile admins that want to prepare. Some of those steps include:

  • Test iOS 12.2 beta to see if you find any issues with this new workflow. At this time (February 25th) we are in iOS 12.2 beta 3.
  • Keep your end user documentation updated to better navigate this change.
  • Keep an eye out or contact your Apple representative for an official release date of iOS 12.2.

We concur with these recommendations and suggest you keep up to date with upcoming changes in iOS by actively participating in Apple’s public Betas. With the proper preparation, your organization should be ready to successfully enroll devices the same day that iOS 12.2 is released.