uvex uses MobileIron Cloud to implement Its mobility strategy

Industry: Manufacturing

"We have a comprehensive device classification system, and MobileIron Access gives us highly granular control over the use of corporate data in the cloud."

Peer Reichert, Systems Manager at UVEX WINTER HOLDING

MobileIron Cloud is helping uvex group, a global specialist in protective clothing for sports, leisure, and work, implement their mobile strategy.

uvex's mission statement can be summed up in just two words: protecting people. The three-generation, family-owned company, founded in 1926, specializes in high-quality, high-tech products. It employs over 2,300 people. uvex attributes its success to “focus on production sites in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, advanced technology, high safety standards, and professional quality management.” The group has 48 subsidiaries in 22 countries. Its headquarters is in Fürth, Northern Bavaria, and the group also has an international distributor network. The parent company, UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH & Co. KG, comprises three international divisions: uvex safety group, uvex sports group (uvex sports and Alpina), and Filtral.

Migration to MobileIron Cloud

The group has adopted a consistent strategy of moving to cloud-based IT solutions, particularly when it comes to mobile technology. It is currently switching from Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise solutions to Microsoft Office 365, and migrating its enterprise mobility management solution from Novell MDM (ZENworks) to the MobileIron platform and MobileIron Cloud.

“Our systems house, Bechtle, implemented a test version for us in 2014,” says Peer Reichert, Systems Manager at uvex headquarters. “That has given us plenty of opportunity to evaluate the quality of the MobileIron platform in detail.”

His colleague, Systems Administrator Andreas Ebert, says the company also looked at Airwatch and Microsoft Intune, but quickly decided that MobileIron was the “technology leader.” The main reasons for their choice were MobileIron's wide-ranging functionality and ease of use, as well as MobileIron Cloud's sophisticated authentication and identification mechanisms.

The group now uses MobileIron Cloud, a subscription-based software-as-a-service solution, to manage over 700 iPhones and iPads worldwide. The connector is installed in the client's data center LAN and synchronizes the MobileIron instance with corporate resources such as LDAP. MobileIron Sentry is another option for the data center to utilize for additional access security. uvex chose to implement this solution, and MobileIron distributor Bechtle carried out the installation. “Apart from these two components, everything else runs via the cloud and is hosted by MobileIron,” says Reichert. MobileIron's European data center, located in Frankfurt, complies with German data protection laws. MobileIron Cloud is also SOC 2 type 2-certified, meaning that its operating and security processes have been reviewed by an independent and publicly authorized audit company.

MobileIron Access offers granular cloud access settings

Many of uvex's smaller sites around the world used to manage their mobile technology independently. Some had several hundred personal devices authorized to access PIM and other corporate data. “Of course, we still have a lot of integration to do over the next few years,” Reichert says.

uvex differentiates several types of mobile devices within the holding/group. The spectrum ranges from company-owned laptops, company-owned smartphones, and tablet computers to approved employee-owned BYOD devices. Based on this classification, only the managed and secured corporate and BYOD smartphones and tablets are allowed to access the cloud services, such as Office 365, SAP for Customer, and Business for Design. Laptops and unmanaged private smartphones and tablets can only access those services via the web browser.

“We have a comprehensive device classification system, and MobileIron Access gives us highly granular control over the use of corporate data in the cloud," says Andreas Ebert, Head of Systems. “The tool allows us to identify and authenticate users, and gives us details of the devices and apps they're using, so we can be sure that cloud apps are being used by trusted users with trusted devices and apps."

uvex has currently authorized 15 proprietary and third-party apps. The most commonly used are Office 365 and the CRM app SAP for Customer, which allows authorized users to view client contact data, orders, and visit reports.

Many productivity benefits

Because MobileIron Cloud is not yet fully implemented, the improvements in productivity are not easy to quantify.

But Peer Reichert says: “Just having mobile access to PIM and other corporate data has already made our lives a lot easier. This is obvious to everyone, even before we've checked the numbers.”

uvex takes full advantage of MobileIron's productivity benefits in many of its central processes, including order processing, online invoice approval, customer contacts, and even vacation planning. Thanks to MobileIron, uvex has seen improved security, particularly in preventing data theft and leakage.

Together with cloud-based Office 365 and the highly automated Apple Device Enrolment Program, MobileIron Cloud is the perfect addition to uvex's mobile IT armory.

Uvex group
Key Benefits:
  • MobileIron Cloud has a wide range of functions, is user-friendly, and highly stable
  • Security benefits, particularly in preventing theft and data leakage
  • Fast, easy registration with MobileIron, and highly automated device registration via Apple DEP
  • Employees at uvex's various international locations have secure, 24/7 mobile access to calendars, contacts, customer data, contracts, and other key business documents
  • Mobilization of central processes has significantly improved the productivity of employees worldwide
  • Easy management of mobile devices by the central IT depart