CaixaBank Invests in Personal Service with MobileIron Solutions

Industry: Financial services and insurance

"We're fully embracing mobile devices as part of our corporate strategy. MobileIron is the platform that allows us to issue the secured devices that enable better customer service."

Manel Segura, Director of Mobility, CaixaBank

CaixaBank is an integrated financial group with 12.9 million clients, €512 billion in banking business, and total customer deposits of €289 billion. As Spain’s leading retail bank, CaixaBank aims to achieve outstanding positions in other segments such as corporate, personal, private, and SME banking. CaixaBank also has a firm commitment to domestic and international growth.

To support its aggressive goal of deploying 20,000 Windows Phone devices within one year, CaixaBank implemented a MobileIron enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. With MobileIron, CaixaBank is maintaining centralized control over thousands of new devices while also deploying apps developed by external developers as efficiently as possible. All of this will help support the bank’s strategy of increasing its market share by offering excellent service outside the branch.

Aggressive Approach Requires Robust EMM Solution

Most large financial institutions are exploring ways to make their workforces more mobile. Many are taking a conservative approach to deploying mobile devices. Spain’s CaixaBank is different.

Recognizing that it could power its own growth by providing its trademark personalized service to clients outside its bank branches, CaixaBank recently set an aggressive goal of deploying 20,000 mobile devices to its employees within one year. The bank studied all the options that were on the market and finally decided to choose Windows Phone platform—and began looking for an EMM platform that could help it manage and secure thousands of new company-issued devices. After evaluating MobileIron, CaixaBank’s search was over.

“As we strive to meet customers wherever they are and provide the same level of service that we provide in our branches, we’re fully embracing mobile devices as part of our corporate strategy,” says Manel Segura, Director of Mobility, CaixaBank. “MobileIron is the platform that allows us to issue the secured devices that enable better customer service.”

Bringing the Bank to the Customer

CaixaBank selected Windows Phone as its mobile platform for several reasons. First of all, the bank anticipates that updating devices on the platform will be relatively easy. In addition, CaixaBank believes its users will have an easier time learning the Windows Phone interface.

“Even though we’re phasing out BlackBerry devices and massively increasing Windows Phone deployment, our call center is getting more calls from BlackBerry users than from Windows users,” says Segura. “We’re grateful that MobileIron provided a robust solution for Windows Phone management. In fact, we’re convinced they offer the strongest security on the market, which was our leading concern in selecting an EMM solution.”

Armed with Windows Phone devices secured by MobileIron, thousands of CaixaBank employees can now focus on bringing the bank to the customer. This is an important strategy in an age when online banking has dramatically reduced bank visits by customers. CaixaBank’s business account managers can now schedule visits to key clients and make presentations about new products and services using only a Windows tablet and smartphone. When they’re back in the office, account managers can then dock the tablet to a monitor and keyboard for easier use.

Company-issued devices allow the typical bank employee to do at least 90 percent of their job from anywhere that has cell phone coverage. All of the bank’s commercial transactions are now optimized for mobile devices, which speeds completion with absolutely no paperwork involved. Scanners have been replaced by smartphone cameras—and clients can provide electronic signatures right on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

“We’re trying to change our relationship with clients so that they’ll trust us as a true partner in achieving their goals,” explains Segura. “A big part of that is our ability to provide services to clients wherever and whenever they need us. By managing and securing our devices with MobileIron, we’re making this vision possible.”

Great Service Knows No Boundaries

CaixaBank isn’t content to be one of Spain’s largest retail banks. The organization is setting its sights on building a global customer base—and is using employee mobility as a key tool in its strategy. To that end, CaixaBank plans to ramp up its deployment of custom-developed apps as soon as it has put a virtual private network in place. By the end of 2014, CaixaBank will have used MobileIron Apps@Work to deploy up to 200 apps developed by external developers.

One mobile app will enhance employee communication by connecting workers to a custom social network. Another will make it easier for employees to request authorization from their managers to perform specific transactions that are not a part of their regular job duties. Other apps will facilitate communication with clients and help CaixaBank colleagues share a more robust view of each client’s financial positions.

“If we’re going to expand our leadership beyond the borders of Spain, it’s going to be by bringing superior service right to our clients,” concludes Segura. “With MobileIron, we’re allowing our entire workforce to bring the branch to the customer, without putting data at risk.”

Key Benefits:
  • Enable employees to “bring the bank to the customer”
  • Optimize all business processes for mobile devices, eliminating paperwork
  • Deploy 20,000 secured mobile devices to employees within one year
  • Make 200 custom-developed mobile apps available to the entire workforce as efficiently as possible
  • Increase mobile device usage while decreasing calls to the corporate help desk
Why Mobileiron:
  • Superior security
  • Support for Windows Phone devices
  • Ability to scale up rapidly during a period of aggressive device deployment