Ojas Rege | 2018, 1月 10

Mobile Mitigations for Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre are two critical vulnerabilities recently identified in modern processors. These vulnerabilities can allow unprivileged users to access memory belonging to other processes, including the kernel. Much of the initial coverage of these vulnerabilities centered on desktop, server, and cloud systems...

Ojas Rege | 2018, 1月 4

Got a New Mobile Device? Here are Five Ways to Protect It.

The chances are good that you or someone in your family got a new mobile device this holiday season. For most of us, our mobile devices, loaded with our photos, videos, email, banking information, and even health data, quickly become more personal than our wallets. As a result, they are also...

Fran Thorpe | 2017, 12月 18

MobileIron and IOS customers choose Modern Work to deliver a differentiated experience to 100,000s of their customers.

The votes are in and we’ve got a shortlist of the most transformative examples of Modern Work from MobileIron customers in 2017. There is a trend which crosses verticals — smart teams see customer experience as a disruptive...

Matthew Law | 2017, 11月 28

What’s New: MobileIron Cloud November 2017



MobileIronの製品チームは、MobileIron Cloudを使って管理者がiOSとmacOSのデバイスを効率よく管理できるために必要な制御の提供を継続的に行っています。例として、MobileIron CloudはiOS 11で追加されたいくつかの新しいモバイルデバイス管理(MDM)機能をサポートしました。

  • iOS 11 “ファイル...
Adrian Kok | 2017, 11月 22

Google Play

Earlier this year, MobileIron introduced support for managed Google Play, allowing enterprises to deploy and manage work apps using the the scale and reliability of Google’s app store. Android enterprise deployments can already deploy and configure public and private apps today.

With MobileIron Core 9.6, administrators can now distribute different versions of an app to users...

Matthew Law | 2017, 11月 16

What’s New with MobileIron EMM:  Top Highlights of Core 9.6

MobileIronはエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント(EMM)の新しいバージョンとして、30以上の新機能およびセキュリティとユーザビリティの向上、マルチOSサポートをさらに強化した、MobileIron Core 9.6をリリースしました。その中からいくつかのハイライトをご紹介したいと思います。

Office 365 アプリ保護

Microsoft Graph APIに対応したMobileIron Core 9.6によって、...

Anthony Ungerman | 2017, 10月 31

First Annual MobileIron - Hack the Valley Security Challenge


On November 12th, MobileIron and Hack the Valley are excited to announce that they're teaming up to host the first annual MobileIron — Hack the Valley Security Challenge. This cybersecurity competition is open to all comers, and pits Silicon Valley’s top security professionals...

Russ Mohr | 2017, 10月 30

Google’s new “ZTP” feature

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Rich Festante | 2017, 10月 18


In a recent post, we went through an overview of how to secure iOS 11’s new OAuth 2.0 email feature available and how an enterprise can mitigate against the risk of non-compliant devices accessing Office 365.  For those that wish to have more of an overview, you can find it...

Simon Biddiscombe | 2017, 10月 17

MobileIron HQ

When MobileIron approached me in 2015 about joining as CFO, I didn’t hesitate. I believed in the product, I believed in the market, and I believed in the team. Now, as I take the reins as CEO, I’m still as excited about our product, our market, and our team as I was two and half years ago.

Since 2009, we have won more than 15,...



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