Trust Gap 2015

Trust Gap 2015

Employees Expect Privacy on Mobile Devices

MobileIron asked more than 3,500 mobile workers about their expectations for privacy when using a mobile device for work. The study found that 61% of mobile workers trust their employers to keep their personal information private on their mobile devices.

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61% of Mobile Workers Trust Their Employer to Keep Personal Information Private on Their Mobile Devices.


What can your employer see on your mobile device?



Employees expect privacy on mobile devices

Smartphones hold increasing amounts of sensitive personal data. Every device is now a mixed-use device. As a result, businesses must protect employee privacy as fiercely as corporate security.

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Trust Gap Whitepaper

White Paper

The State of the Trust Gap in 2015

The widespread use of mobile devices for work has driven a profound change in how employees think about the privacy of their personal data on mobile devices. This white paper takes the findings from the 2015 Trust Gap Survey and translates them into actionable recommendations for employers in the form of privacy-centric mobile device policies. This white paper also reviews the privacy enhancements that Apple, Google, and Microsoft have made to their operating systems.

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Trust Gap Survey methodology
From December 17, 2014 to January 22, 2015, Harris Poll conducted an online survey on behalf of MobileIron of 3,521 full- or part-time workers who use a mobile device for work purposes in France (502), Germany (501), Japan (503), Spain (500), UK (503), and US (1012). Gen M (1,702) is defined as those who are male aged 18-34 or those with children in the household under 18. The sample was weighted to the populations in each country by age, race/ethnicity, education, region, and household income data. MobileIron issued the original Trust Gap Study in July 2013, and the Gen M Study in April 2015.