Microsoft MDM Solution

Microsoft has made big strides in providing broad support for Mobile First organizations through enhanced mobile device management (MDM) API’s. Microsoft offers a diverse range of devices based on the Windows platform that meet enterprise scalability and security requirements while delivering end users a familiar experience across multiple mobile devices.

Windows Phone and MobileIron

MobileIron continues to work closely with Microsoft to ensure the security and management capabilities of Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 are easy to implement and maintain. MobileIron enables companies to become Mobile First by providing a leading mobile IT solution for organizations to deploy, manage and secure the full range of mobile devices including Windows devices.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone adoption has been growing steadily, reaching double-digit market share in many countries. Enterprises have adopted Windows Phone 8 because it allows business users to take advantage of the tight integration with Microsoft infrastructure, such as Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync.

Windows Phone 8.1

With the added introduction of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft delivered added features for business users, while giving IT the compliance and security controls they required. The Enterprise Feature Pack, a set of new security and management features, was included as a core component of Windows Phone 8.1. These capabilities, when combined with MobileIron’s enterprise mobility management platform, made it much easier for enterprises to deploy Windows Phone devices.

In the latest release, MobileIron is adding extended support for Windows Phone 8.1 with capabilities such as app-triggered VPN that enables end users to seamlessly initiate secure access to corporate data on their mobile device without having to manually initiate a VPN session.  This and additional capabilties and policies that can be configured help enterprises easily and securely deploy Windows Phone 8.1 devices while leveraging the security features on these devices.  The latest release also offers an enhanced enterprise AppStore experience for Windows and Windows Phone devices, allowing enterprise IT to provide both tight security and an intuitive, consumer-like end-user experience for the distribution and consumption of mobile applications company-wide.

Windows Phone 8.1 in the Enterprise

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MobileIron for Windows Phone 8

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Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 was a significant step forward in the evolution of Windows for the Mobile First enterprise.  Windows 8.1 was the first version of Windows to support an open MDM architecture. MobileIron leverages this architecture to secure and manage Windows 8.1 laptops and tablets as mobile devices.

MobileIron for Windows 8.1

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Using the MobileIron Platform, you can also deploy, secure and manage Windows 8.1 devices across the enterprise. To learn more about MobileIron’s support for Windows 8.1, please review this webinar.