OS X - Mac Management

OS X - Mac Management

As BYOD programs expand to include computers, enterprises recognize that the management requirements are similar to mobile. The MobileIron Platform lets organizations manage Mac computers along with other mobile devices. Policies and profiles are easily and consistently implemented across the company while tightly integrating with enterprise services such as AD/LDAP, PKI, and VPN.

OS X management

Our platform supports Microsoft Exchange contact synchronization for OS X 10.7 and 10.8 and contacts, mail, notes, reminders, and calendar synchronization for 10.9. The native Mac user experience is preserved and end users are able to provision their Mac computers for enterprise services with just a few clicks. With OS X Management, the enterprise can now support Mac computers as part of their BYOD or multi-OS initiative.

MobileIron OS X Management Features:

  • Centrally secure and manage the Mac
  • Deploy consistent policies and profiles across Mac computers and iOS devices
  • Upload configuration profiles generated in Profile Manager
  • Expand scope of BYOD programs

Multi-layer Enterprise Security

MobileIron provides multiple layers of enterprise security for the Mac, including: certificates to authenticate users, apps, and devices, minimum password requirements to protect device access, Wi-Fi and VPN configurations to protect data-in-motion, remote lock and wipe for lost or stolen computers to protect data-at-rest, and removal of all enterprise provisioning information when retiring a Mac.

Certificates are a foundation of today’s mobile IT security model. MobileIron can integrate with an enterprise’s existing Certificate Authority (CA) or provide an on-board CA for organizations that do not have their own or cannot easily access it. Certificate provisioning and usage is transparent to end users, so native experience is preserved while security is strengthened.

Single Console for Cross-Device Management

MobileIron offers a highly scalable, comprehensive device management solution. Mac computers can be administered from a single console alongside iOS and other mobile platforms via configuration settings. Configuration settings can be automatically applied to a large inventory of different devices, enabling IT admins to deploy consistent policies and profiles across Mac computers and iOS devices.