iOS 11 expands Apple’s enterprise foundation

iOS 11 expands Apple’s enterprise foundation

iOS 11 has emerged at a time when organizations are looking to replace aging desktop PCs with lighter and easier to manage technologies. The release of iOS 11 and the new iPad Pro is clearly designed to meet this need by providing a compelling alternative for enterprise organizations as they upgrade their legacy PC architectures.

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iOS 11 and iPad Pro don’t just offer a few new consumer-oriented features; together they enable a more full-featured enterprise experience and free up workers to be even more productive either inside or out of the office. iOS 11 also provides a range of more powerful and secure app development tools to help expand the ecosystem of iOS enterprise apps. And, with enhanced Cisco integrations and configuration options, iOS 11 will make it easier for enterprises to improve security and management through EMM.

More productive enterprise user experience

With iOS 11, the iPad Pro has evolved into a true content creation device that enables more than just basic web and app usage — its functionality now resembles that of a light laptop. Features such as the new Files app, Dock enhancements, a new app switcher, and drag and drop functionality will help deliver a more desktop-like experience to enterprise users. These significant improvements in usability and productivity clearly show that Apple is trying to close the gap between the tablet and laptop user experience.

Powerful and secure app development tools

To help expand the ecosystem of iOS enterprise apps, Apple has introduced platform enhancements such as a new core NFC framework, DeviceCheck API, and iMessage app extensions to encourage developers to create new productivity tools. iOS 11 has also made changes designed to help apps run faster and deliver a higher quality user experience.

Improved enterprise security and management

With iOS 11, Apple continues to build on its enterprise security and management foundation. Improvements such as enhanced Cisco integrations, new Apple Store management features, and Device Enrollment Program (DEP) updates will give IT admins greater control and flexibility over device and app security.