Android for Work

Android for Work

Bring Android™ for Work, to work, with MobileIron and enable a suite of productivity apps in a secure, separately managed OS-level container.

Android for Work is a new enterprise program designed to increase Android adoption by enabling consistent IT management and secure app distribution through an ecosystem of EMM providers. With Android for Work, IT gets a unified way to secure enterprise apps, manage disparate devices, and separate work and personal data at the OS level.

Workers benefit from access to the apps they love, in a native unified user interface. It enables secure, containerized app deployment to a range of Android devices running 4.0 through Lollipop. To learn more about what Android for Work means for the enterprise, download our white paper.

What Android for Work means to the Enterprise

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Top 8 Security Considerations Every CISO Should Know

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Android for Work: Top 10 Things You Should Know

Together with Lollipop, Android for Work offers a vast set of productivity and security tools designed to simplify enterprise adoption. Hear the top 10 list of features that will have the biggest impact on your organization.

Android for Work: Separation of Personal and Work Data

Through an EMM vendor, IT admins can securely provision and containerize apps on any device supporting Android for Work. For BYOD devices, this enables IT admins to separate personal and work apps and data at the OS level. This capability also protects business apps and data from insecure activity outside the container, such as side-loading web apps.

Secure Distribution of Android Apps

Google has introduced a new set of Google Play APIs for EMM providers to enable app management and distribution. This new process enables IT admins to deploy any Play app in the Google Play Store to the Android for Work profile — without additional wrapping. With this capability, IT can ensure apps and data are safely deployed to a separate container on the device, and users can choose from a pool of secure, pre-selected apps.

Consistent IT Management across Disparate Devices

Android for Work delivers a deeper and more consistent security model that enables IT to distribute secure enterprise apps and configurations to any device running 4.0 through 5.0. These new features not only simplify IT management, they also reduce Android fragmentation by enabling more consistent app distribution and security across a broad range of Android devices.

Top 4 Changes Android for Work Introduces to Your Environment

Android for Work introduces four key process changes: IT admin registration requirements, new APIs for EMM providers, two versions of Android for Work, and an EMM provider requirement. Every IT administrator should be aware of these changes and how they will impact the organization.

Secure Productivity Applications

Android for Work features a suite of secure, badged PIM and productivity apps. These apps are designed to help workers easily distinguish between personal and work apps on the device while maintaining a native and seamless experience. Employees can now easily access the main business apps they need every day, while IT gets peace of mind knowing they are being used in a secure manner.

Android for Work Pre-Lollipop vs. Lollipop

Google offers two options for deploying Android for Work to a range of devices running 4.0 through Lollipop. While there are some key differences, both versions enable EMM providers to distribute and secure enterprise productivity apps with a familiar Android UI.

Top 10 Things Every IT Admin Needs to Know

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MobileIron for Android Data Sheet

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