Android Management

First released in September 2008, Google’s Android has quickly established itself as a dominant mobile OS for consumers. The open attributes that have made Android so popular in this space produce challenges for enterprise adoption, as IT must manage and secure email, calendaring, contacts, and task management on multiple devices across many Android variations.

MobileIron for Android

Android Datasheet

Whether the device is corporate-owned or part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, MobileIron for Android enables the IT administrator to set and manage corporate application and data policies while providing the ability to perform selective or complete wipes of the device. However, IT has no access to the end-user’s personal applications and data that resides on the same device – the end-users’ business and personal environments are completely isolated. Mobile security is provided at the application layer using MobileIron AppConnect technology. The result is a consistent and secure native experience for the end-user and IT across Android devices and operating system versions.

Mobile Device Management - MDM

  • Intuitive registration
  • Seamless configuration of enterprise settings and security policies
  • Certificate-based security for email, Wi-Fi, and VPN
  • Secure single sign-on
  • Selective wipe

Mobile Application Management - MAM

Mobile Content Management - MCM

  • Docs@Work provides an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email and SharePoint, and lets the administrator establish data loss prevention (DLP) controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution.
  • Web@Work provides secure browsing to access corporate web resources without the need for device-wide VPN.

AppConnect for Android

MobileIron's secure AppConnect framework enables customers to derive additional value from Android apps created by application vendors or internally, using our AppConnect application wrappers to leverage our application security services. Once integrated, these applications become part of the secure container on the device managed by the MobileIron Client, Mobile@Work. With the new support for hybrid web apps, in addition to Java-based apps, in-house web developers can easily build apps that are secure and mobile-ready.

AppConnect Ecosystem: Our ecosystem includes applications developed by customers and third- parties using our AppConnect technology.