Mobile Content Management - MCM Software

Mobile Content Management - MCM Software

Secure mobile content management (MCM) keeps data safe and business moving

Employees stay productive wherever they work with secure, anytime access to essential business content. With secure mobile content management (MCM) software, IT can protect confidential business information necessary to support today’s modern work style, without slowing down business productivity. That means employees can access critical business content and collaborate seamlessly across any network, on any mobile device, or desktop without security prompts interrupting their workflow.

Secure access to enterprise file synchronization and share systems (EFSS)

Protect access to EFSS systems via a secure mobile content repository that encrypts data locally, supports document annotation and editing, connects securely to back-end content storage and provides IT visibility into information stored on mobile devices.

  • Authorize access to both on-premises and cloud EFSS systems like Sharepoint, Office 365, and Box.
  • Integrated annotation and editing capabilities allow users to review and annotate documents on any device.
  • Automatically publish important documents and media to employee devices.
Secure access to enterprise file synchronization and share systems (EFSS)

Prevent data loss on mobile devices and desktops

Mobile content security policies and controls prevent unauthorized sharing and allow IT to remotely wipe data if the device doesn’t comply with corporate security requirements.

  • Use a single console to configure and enforce data loss prevention (DLP) policies such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions.
  • Leverage FIPS 140-2 validated encryption to protect content stored on mobile devices.
Prevent data loss on mobile devices
Customer Testimonial: Thompson & Knight
The security mechanisms that are configured and put into place are for the most part invisible to the user. They don't even see it. They just access the content, and that’s it, end of story.