Mobile Content Management

The widespread adoption of consumer mobile technology is driving organizations to become “Mobile First” by embracing mobility as the primary IT platform for the enterprise.

End-users expect everything from email to sensitive business files on mobile devices, and they are often already accessing these tools - with or without IT’s approval.

So how can IT preserve the mobile user experience that is driving adoption in the first place without sacrificing content security?

MobileIron® Docs@Work gives the end user an intuitive way to access, store, and view documents from email and other enterprise content repositories such as SharePoint, while letting the administrator establish controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution. With Docs@Work, organizations enable end-users to be productive on mobile devices of their choice.

Best-of-Breed File Sync and Share solutions from the AppConnect ecosystem

But when it comes to file sync and share apps, one size does not fit all.

That is why MobileIron partnered with best-of-breed mobile content management companies such as Accellion, Acronis, Box and WatchDox to deliver integrated solutions that provide the security IT requires with the experiences workers demand. These AppConnect-enabled solutions give both groups exactly what they need: workers can access, edit, collaborate and share content from devices they love, and IT gets a powerful set of tools to secure and manage corporate content across devices and platforms and can remain compliant with company and industry standards.

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