Mobile Content Management - MCM

Content is the lifeblood of the enterprise. When end-users choose mobile as their preferred computing platform, they expect access to essential and often times, confidential documents on their mobile devices. While IT must focus on protecting corporate data, it is equally important for them to preserve the native end-user experience. To help IT secure corporate data without compromising the end-user experience, an enterprise mobility platform must provide secure access to content, secure sharing of content, and prevent corporate data loss to insecure locations. management that allows end-users secure access to the content they need, allow them to share that content with colleagues, and prevent corporate data loss to insecure locations.

Mobile Content Management Solution

MobileIron Docs@Work gives end-users an intuitive way to access, annotate, and share documents from email, SharePoint, and a variety of other enterprise content management systems. The IT administrator can establish data loss prevention (DLP) controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution. Employees can take full advantage of their mobile devices for secure enterprise content and collaboration. Together with MobileIron Sentry, Docs@Work secures email attachments so that they are encrypted and can only be viewed using authorized applications that are managed by MobileIron.

In addition, our MCM functionality enables end-users to securely access corporate intranet content using the MobileIron Web@Work secure browser without requiring a VPN client on the device. Our MCM functionality also allows IT to enable end-users to access other cloud-based collaboration and storage tools that are AppConnect-enabled.

MobileIron Mobile Content Management Features

  • End-user access and management of corporate documents
  • Ability to selectively wipe documents when an end-user or device falls out of compliance
  • Secure email attachments with Docs@Work and MobileIron Sentry
  • Secure end-user access to SharePoint content with administrative control of mobile policies
  • Automatically push important documents and media to a end-user's device
  • Enable secure web browsing

File Sync and Share Solution

When it comes to apps that sync and share files, one size does not fit all. That is why MobileIron has partnered with best-of-breed enterprise mobile content management companies such as Accellion, Acronis, Box and WatchDox to deliver integrated solutions that provide IT the control they require while providing end users the experience and choice they demand. These AppConnect-enabled solutions give both groups exactly what they need: end-users can access, edit, collaborate, and share content from devices they love, and IT gets a powerful set of tools to secure and manage corporate content across devices and platforms and can remain compliant with company and industry standards.

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