MobileIron + Zebra Technology

MobileIron + Zebra Technology

Modernizing back-office operations

With MobileIron’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform, organizations can centralize the management of Zebra Technologies’ rugged, powerful, and easy-to-use Android-based mobile computers to drive unprecedented efficiency and productivity.

Error-free provisioning with Zebra StageNow

Scan a barcode or tap an NFC tag to configure baseline device settings such as device language, Wi-Fi networks, EMM enrollment and so on.

Centralized management with MobileIron EMM

Apply custom configurations and manage settings and policies on all your Zebra Android-based mobile computers using a single platform.

Zero-touch app lifecycle management

Zero-touch distribution, updating and wiping of business apps from Zebra Android-based mobile computers using the MobileIron EMM console.

Zebra devices are used for a variety of purposes - from accessing patient information and administering medication in hospitals to tracking inventory, managing assets and tracking sales orders at retail stores and warehouses.

The MobileIron EMM platform enables organizations, across industries, to scale deployments of Zebra Technologies’ devices enabling them to realize the operational benefits of using secure modern devices in the back-office.