Part III of III: MobileIron and Microsoft Intune – March 2017 Detailed Comparison

Ojas Rege
Ojas Rege | April 25, 2017
Video Blog

This three-part video blog series is my perspective on Microsoft’s strategy, the evolution of Microsoft Intune, and the critical role MobileIron plays in a Microsoft shop. My opinions are based on publicly available and third-party data plus my analysis of Microsoft’s actions. Part I of this series gives an overview of Microsoft’s strategy, and Part II  provides a high-level comparison of MobileIron and Microsoft Intune.


I believe there is a substantial capability gap between a proven EMM like MobileIron and an immature MDM like Microsoft Intune. This video describes the differences between MobileIron and Microsoft Intune as of March 2017 along the following dimensions:

  • Security capabilities and certifications
  • Level of commitment to multi-OS
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Ecosystem integrations
  • Customer adoption

As always, talk to references and test the products to understand which solution is the best for you.

Any information concerning products and services other than MobileIron’s comes from public and third-party sources. Although we believe it to be accurate, we have not independently verified it and we cannot guarantee its accuracy.