Letter from Simon Biddiscombe, MobileIron CEO

Simon Biddiscombe
Simon Biddiscombe | October 17, 2017

MobileIron HQ

When MobileIron approached me in 2015 about joining as CFO, I didn’t hesitate. I believed in the product, I believed in the market, and I believed in the team. Now, as I take the reins as CEO, I’m still as excited about our product, our market, and our team as I was two and half years ago.

Since 2009, we have won more than 15,000 customers who have purchased over 10,000,000 licenses. We started our life as an on-premise company and we’re transitioning to becoming a cloud company. In Q2 2017, over 75% of our new customers bought our cloud platform. We identified cloud security gaps and built a new and unique product in MobileIron Access. With Access, we are winning major customers in heavily-regulated and security-conscious industries. I’m proud of our track record and I want to call out a few highlights from our third quarter which closed September 30:

I believe that our strengths are our focus and agility, and, as a result, we are better positioned than any other company to support our customers and partners today and to deliver the innovations they will need in the future. I look forward to leveraging our competitive advantage, strengthening our go-to-market execution, and driving improvements throughout our operations.

With disciplined go-to-market focus, thoughtful investments, and strong execution, I am confident that we will accelerate growth and profitability and deliver value to our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

Simon Biddiscombe
President and CEO
October 17, 2017