Box and MobileIron Improve Security for the Mobile Enterprise

Sean Convery
Sean Convery | April 17, 2014
Box App

The file sync and share and content collaboration space has evolved significantly over the past few years – a direct result of the dramatic changes in how we use technology in our work and personal lives. User experience matters in a way that it never has before because our mobile devices are always with us, and we use them as an extension of ourselves.

But enterprise mobile users want more than just a good experience; they need to stay in sync with their corporate content. Meanwhile, IT is understandably focused on protecting corporate data. Balancing both groups’ needs is an art, so it is refreshing to see cloud platforms, like Box, continue to innovate here.

The latest version of the Box for ME AppConnect app is now available in the Apple App Store. We worked closely with Box to tighten the integration and create new functionality based on requests and feedback from enterprise customers.

Box for ME’s new security options support:

  • Requiring that users login to Box with active directory credentials
  • Whitelisting specific 3rd-party apps to ensure content from Box can only be opened into other AppConnect-enabled applications
  • Restricting the ability for users to cut, copy or paste content from Box for organizations with stringent security policies

Box’s core focus on content protection and control not only helps organizations improve collaboration and increase productivity, but it also enables them to manage strict industry regulations and compliance policies. 

The Box for ME release is a prime example of why MobileIron has invested in the AppConnect program. It gives employees the productivity experience that is driving mobile adoption with the security capabilities organizations need to become Mobile First.