AppConfig Community Gains Industry-Wide Support

Ojas Rege
Ojas Rege | April 13, 2017
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The AppConfig Community was launched in February 2016 with the mission to establish a common approach for enterprise app configuration and security based on native operating system frameworks from OS vendors like Apple and Google.

This week, the Community released the AppConfig Community Annual Report showcasing tremendous growth in membership, new developer use cases, and new developer resources. Here is the webcast:

Most of the EMM industry now supports this initiative, with membership growing from 4 providers in February 2016 to 19 providers in April 2017, including 42Gears, AppTec, baramundi software AG, BlackBerry, Centrify, Cisco Meraki, Cortado, IBM MaaS360, Jamf, Matrix42, MobileIron, Pulse Secure, SAP, SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG, SimpleMDM, Snow Software, Sophos, SOTI, and VMware.

More importantly, 90 ISVs are now members, with 40 more in process. 1,400 individual developers are also now part of the Community.

The reason that over 100 software vendors have come together so quickly to support the AppConfig Community is that we jointly believe that the transformational impact of mobility truly is “all about the apps.”

Business transformation only happens when you can fundamentally improve the workflow of the organization. The promise of mobility has always been to remove bottlenecks of time and space and enable innovative analysis and decisions, agile workflows, and stellar outcomes. This business transformation requires great apps. Our goal in the AppConfig Community has been to accelerate the adoption of these transformational business apps by making development simple for app developers and deployment simple for IT organizations.

Over the last year, the Community has focused on the four technology areas shown below. To support developers, in February 2016, we released an XML schema to make app configuration easier on iOS. In June 2016, with the active participation of Google, we expanded our best practices to Android. This year, we launched the Spec Creator tool to make the overall process easier for developers.

There is no fee to join the AppConfig Community. Everyone committed to supporting native frameworks is welcome.

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