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Ryan Faas | February 26, 2015

Brazil CIO

Recently a headline at ZDNet, Shadow IT in Brazil surpasses world average , caught my eye. The short piece reported on a study carried out by Vanson Bourne on behalf of...

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David Schwartzberg | February 25, 2015
Android in the Enterprise

For far too long, CISOs have been caught between two competing agendas. First, they need to protect their critical business data and meet ongoing (and ever-changing) compliance requirements. Second is the resounding drumbeat from Android users who want serious enterprise support for their favorite mobile devices and apps — with no excuses. Since Android is now the dominant global...

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Alexander Romero | February 25, 2015
Before and After Android for Work

App Deployment Before Android for Work

Secure app deployment has been the biggest obstacle for enterprises looking to add Android to their BYOD environment. Before the release of Android for Work, IT could install apps on an Android device in just one of three ways, all of which have...

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Alexander Romero | February 25, 2015
Header Image

The Android platform has quickly established itself as a dominant mobile OS for consumers. However,...

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Ryan Faas | February 23, 2015

Introducing AppConnect for Samsung Knox

Samsung’s KNOX platform, originally announced two years ago, provides a highly secure Android experience for both consumers and enterprises. The platform, available on many of Samsung’s high-end devices incorporates a range of hardware and software features that deliver a highly secure package. The most often discussed feature of Samsung KNOX is its secure data...

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Ryan Faas | February 3, 2015

Turn it into an advantage with document-level security

Shadow IT

In a Mobile First world, employees have become accustomed to selecting and using a range of tools that empower them to build the most effective and efficient workflows for their job roles. This often includes mobile devices, apps, and cloud services that are consumer- rather than enterprise-focused. Services like Box, Dropbox, and...

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Ryan Faas | January 19, 2015

Shadow IT

Shadow IT – employees individually or collectively relying on unmanaged devices, sourcing their own mobile apps and cloud services, and creating their own technology workflows has become a major source of concern for many IT departments.

Shadow IT presents a range of...

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Ryan Faas | January 12, 2015

IT 2020

With 2015 under way, it seems an appropriate time to look forward not just to what IT departments are going to deal with in the new year but also to how mobile, cloud, and other technologies will redefine IT over the next five years. The truth is that the changes that...

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Michael Ashley | January 7, 2015


Guest post from: Michael Ashley, Accellion

By 2017 there are expected to be 4.4 billion mobile app users worldwide. Despite the fact that many of us are using mobile devices as often, or more often, than desktop devices, most of the software solutions being developed and...

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Ryan Faas | January 5, 2015

Mobile First CIO

Mobile represents a technology shift that impacts enterprise IT in direct and indirect ways. It isn’t solely an IT shift, however. The stakeholders are varied and vast – human resources, legal, line of business managers, sales and support teams,...

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