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Carl Spataro | March 27, 2015
Texas case on BYOD

A recent Texas case holds several simple but important lessons for implementing BYOD (mobile) policies for employers and employees alike. In Rajaee v Design Tech Homes et al., (Dist. Court, SD Texas, 2014...

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Ojas Rege | March 23, 2015
Internet of Things Security

There is lots of hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) and sometimes it is difficult to wade through the noise to determine what an enterprise IT organization should actually be doing today to prepare. Many times it is hard to define even what we mean by “thing,” as everything from wearables to heat sensors to retail kiosks are lumped under that broad umbrella. At MobileIron...

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Michael T. Raggo | March 13, 2015
Aruba Atmosphere 2015

The Aruba Atmosphere Conference 2015 was a fantastic show last week in Las Vegas. Highlights included the announcement that HP is acquiring Aruba Networks, and the finale which included a Dana Carvey comedy show that highlighted many of his many celebrity impressions. Most importantly, Aruba highlighted their new features, offerings, and integrations. 


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Anne D'Angelo | March 9, 2015
MobileIron Cloud

We are in a transformation of historic proportions.  The adoption of mobile and cloud technologies are driving massive changes in organizations across the world today.  Cloud First Organizations seeking the agility of the cloud to help them become Mobile First turn to MobileIron Cloud

Innovating at the Speed of Mobile, Delivering at the...

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Ojas Rege | March 8, 2015
ACE app VMware

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, VMware announced an initiative called App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE). VMware has been marketing ACE as a standards body for simplifying the deployment of apps in the enterprise. At MobileIron, we know from experience that a standards body is not practical for this purpose.

We are very supportive of making it as easy as possible for...

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Ryan Faas | March 5, 2015

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise app success doesn’t require building everything from scratch

An effective mobile app strategy is essential for today’s enterprise. Effective mobile enterprise apps aren’t simply desktop apps plopped onto a smartphone or...

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Ryan Faas | March 2, 2015
Samsung at MWC 2015

With Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, its latest additions to the Galaxy S lineup, introduced at Mobile World Congress, Samsung is illustrating that it remains a key player when it comes to Android in the enterprise.

Samsung is no stranger to enterprise mobility

Samsung is hardly a stranger to enterprise mobility. Two years ago, the company announced its KNOX security...

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Ryan Faas | February 26, 2015

Brazil CIO

Recently a headline at ZDNet, Shadow IT in Brazil surpasses world average , caught my eye. The short piece reported on a study carried out by Vanson Bourne on behalf of...

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David Schwartzberg | February 25, 2015
Android in the Enterprise

For far too long, CISOs have been caught between two competing agendas. First, they need to protect their critical business data and meet ongoing (and ever-changing) compliance requirements. Second is the resounding drumbeat from Android™ users who want serious enterprise support for their favorite mobile devices and apps — with no excuses. Since Android is now the dominant global...

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Alexander Romero | February 25, 2015
Before and After Android for Work

App Deployment Before Android™ for Work

Secure app deployment has been the biggest obstacle for enterprises looking to add Android to their BYOD environment. Before the release of Android for Work, IT could install apps on an Android device in just one of three ways, all of which have...

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