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These are observations from the work we’re doing at MobileIron. Every day, we encounter lots of interesting and thought-provoking situations where just the introduction of mobile technology into an organization has created significant behavioral and technology shifts in the status quo. The world is changing. By the time my kids graduate from college and get their first jobs, they won’t use a desk phone or probably even a PC. If you believe, like us, that mobile will become the primary computing platform for the enterprise … and especially if you don’t … please comment and share your thoughts.

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Ojas Rege

Three Questions Enterprises Should Ask About iOS 8

Ojas Rege | September 17, 2014
Categories: iOS, Mobile Strategy

“There’s less enterprise stuff in iOS 8 than iOS 7, so I think we’re gonna be fine.”

I got this response from the head of mobile at one of our customers several weeks ago. It is representative of what I see across the board in the IT community right now. We have all been trained to look at only the “enterprise” feature list of new versions of iOS as we plan for development and rollout.


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PCI Security Standards Council North America 2014 Meetings Debrief

Michael T. Raggo | September 13, 2014
Categories: Mobile Security

Just last week, I participated in the PCI Security Standards Council North America 2014 meetings. As a participating organization, MobileIron contributes to the Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) requirements and guidelines for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines. Here's a recap of important notables from the conference:


EMV is a global...

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BYOD Grows Up: California Ruling on Reimbursement

Ojas Rege | September 2, 2014
Categories: BYOD, Mobile Strategy

In August 2014, the California Court of Appeals ruled that if employees must use their personal cell phones for business, their employers should reimburse them for a reasonable amount of the resulting mobile expense.  

Here are the details of the ruling:

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Approaches to Security Compliance for Real-Time Mobile Data Access

Michael T. Raggo | August 20, 2014

Security Compliance often varies from organization to organization due to varied industry regulation as well as internal security policies and procedures. Mobile is fundamentally different than other enterprise technology and therefore requires a revised approach to security policies and countermeasures. We often see organizations attempt to repurpose security frameworks from the PC...

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Securing the Internet of Things: Seven Questions to Get Started

Rahul Sharma | August 12, 2014

This is the first in a series of blog posts on security and management approaches for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Growth of IoT

IoT has been generating significant buzz recently. Gartner, Inc recently published: “Forecast: The Internet of Things, Worldwide, 2013” by Peter Middleton, Peter Kjeldsen, Jim Tully, November 18, 2013,...

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BlackHat Report: App Wrapping

Michael T. Raggo | August 7, 2014
Categories: Mobile Security

BlackHat 2014

I was happy to see that BlackHat 2014 had a strong focus on mobile enterprise security. At MobileIron, we have always been very supportive of the security research community and its efforts to improve the security of the mobile ecosystem, and so I want to highlight one of the presentations at the conference.

"Unwrapping the...

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News Reports on Potential iOS Backdoors

Ojas Rege | July 24, 2014

There was research published this week about potential backdoors in iOS that could give third-parties access to data through undocumented iOS APIs.

We don’t use any of these APIs in MobileIron.

Here is Apple’s response provided to the...

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MobileIron Spaces Give IT the Flexibility to Scale

Jay Bhansali | July 22, 2014
Categories: MobileIron Products

June has been an exciting month for the Mobile industry - Apple WWDC, Google I/O and MobileIron's Summer 2014 release, amongst other events. Both Apple and Google announced new versions of their respective mobile operating systems - iOS 8 and Android L, which include features that will accelerate mobile adoption in the enterprise. To learn more about the announced enterprise...

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AppConnect Ecosystem Drives Customer Choice and Flexibility

Vikas Butaney | July 14, 2014
Categories: Eco-System, Market Trends

AppConnect ecosystem

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, one of our strategic ecosystem partners, just posted a blog about the importance of the ecosystem in a mobile world. We could not agree more with that point and wanted to take a minute to talk about our broad...

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Google I/O Recap, Part 2: Building a Seamless User Experience

Raj Mallempati | July 10, 2014
Categories: Android

Google I/O Recap, Part 2: Building a seamless user experience

Part 1 of our Google I/O 2014 recap focused on the new Android Work initiative designed for the enterprise. But the release of Android L this fall has even more features to show how...

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