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These are observations from the work we’re doing at MobileIron. Every day, we encounter lots of interesting and thought-provoking situations where just the introduction of mobile technology into an organization has created significant behavioral and technology shifts in the status quo. The world is changing. By the time my kids graduate from college and get their first jobs, they won’t use a desk phone or probably even a PC. If you believe, like us, that mobile will become the primary computing platform for the enterprise … and especially if you don’t … please comment and share your thoughts.

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Ojas Rege

Heartbleed and Mobile

Michael T. Raggo | April 24, 2014
Categories: Mobile Security

Now that most of the media hype around the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability has subsided, I thought it would be good to review the vulnerability and provide additional guidance from a Mobile perspective to review the vulnerability and attack, as well as some proactive countermeasures provided by MobileIron.

Let's review how the attack works. There is currently Proof-of-Concept code in the wild today that allows an attacker to...

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Box and MobileIron Improve Security for the Mobile Enterprise

Sean Convery | April 17, 2014
Categories: Applications

Box App

The file sync and share and content collaboration space has evolved significantly over the past few years – a direct result of the dramatic changes in how we use technology in our work and personal lives. User experience matters in a way that it never has before because our mobile devices are always with us, and we use them as an extension of ourselves.


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Update on OpenSSL “Heartbleed” Vulnerability

Mike McCarron | April 14, 2014
Categories: MobileIron Products

On April 7, 2014, a new security vulnerability, CVE-2014-016, was announced in OpenSSL version 1.0.1. For more details on CVE-2014-016, see US CERT and NIST NVD.

MobileIron has reviewed its platform and tested for these “Heartbleed" vulnerabilities. We have confirmed that all released versions of our core technologies – VSP, Sentry, Connector, Atlas, Connected Cloud...

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Windows Phone 8.1: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Mobility

Tomas Vetrovsky | April 2, 2014
Categories: Market Trends

Windows Phone 8.1

Today, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1. It has been an interesting journey to this point and I speak for MobileIron when I say this is an exciting day for enterprise mobility.

Before I discuss the implications of Windows Phone 8.1 on the enterprise, I wanted to share a bit of my personal history with mobile...

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The Changing Mobile Landscape in Financial Services

Ojas Rege | March 27, 2014

Mobile Landscape in Financial Services

In March 2014, the Ponemon Institute published a study with far-ranging implications for the future of IT in the financial services industry. The study, called “The Changing Mobile Landscape in Financial Services,” surveyed over...

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The Dropbox Catch-22

Sean Convery | March 5, 2014

What is the Dropbox Catch-22? First, let me ask a different question:

If an auditor had full access to your Dropbox account right now, would they find a single bit of corporate data that shouldn’t be there?

I’ve asked this question a lot, with all sorts of very senior IT folks in the room, and I have very rarely heard someone answer “no.”


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Apple SSL Bug (iOS) - MobileIron "State of the Hack"

Michael T. Raggo | March 1, 2014
Categories: Mobile Security

An SSL bug was patched on Friday, February 21, 2014 by Apple for devices older than 7.0.6. It stems from a faulty implementation of SSL and should not be construed as a bug or flaw in the SSL/TLS protocol. The attack can occur when an attacker performs a MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) attack allowing the attacker to present an unvalidated SSL certificate as part of the authentication process. By not...

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A Sunny Outlook on Shadow IT

Sean Convery | February 21, 2014
Categories: Eco-System, Market Trends

I’ve seen a lot of chatter recently around the topic of Shadow IT: the temptation for users to build their own IT to get around restrictive corporate policies or apps with bad user experiences. It’s a hugely important conversation and can be a forcing function to get IT and end-users on the same page.

Mobile content is probably the...

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Enterprise APIs from mobile devices CAN be private

Josh Sirota | February 10, 2014
Categories: BYOD, iOS, Mobile Security

Last week, I responded to the Wall Street Journal’s idea that BYOD is dangerous...

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“Cheap” MDM gives BYOD a bad name

Josh Sirota | January 24, 2014
Categories: BYOD


This week, the Wall Street Journal ran an article that basically scares people away from using their smartphone at work, citing anecdotes about people losing all of their personal data on their phone without warning after they left the...

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