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Ryan Faas | May 26, 2015
Mobile Shopping

Myntra, a major online fashion retailer in India, did something that most people would find rather shocking. It completely shut down its ecommerce site and became a mobile-only merchant. The company’s website now directs users to its mobile apps for Android,...

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Ojas Rege | May 20, 2015
Healthkit Research Kit

In this MobileIron Minute, Ojas Rege, VP of Strategy at MobileIron, discusses the evolving role for the CIO. Mobility is a catalyst for...

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Ryan Faas | May 19, 2015
Healthkit ResearchKit

There is an ongoing debate in many companies about whether the revolution of BYO, mobile apps, and cloud services – all of which accelerate shadow IT – is lessening or increasing the scope of the CIO role. Some in the business and tech media have gone so far as...

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Ryan Faas | May 12, 2015
Healthkit ResearchKit

Most media coverage of Apple in April has been focused on the launch of Apple Watch. In addition to Apple Watch, however, Apple also launched...

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Ojas Rege | May 6, 2015

MobileIron OneTouch

Today we are announcing MobileIron OneTouch, a new solution that will transform the way that companies adopt apps. OneTouch will be the only solution to deploy and secure iOS business apps out-of-the-box. Organizations of any size will be able to get up and running with a sophisticated mobile apps program in a matter of days, not months.

Mobility changes the way we work....

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Brett Belding | May 5, 2015

MobileIron HQ

My Mobile History

I remember the first time I held a Palm Pilot. It reminded me a lot of the calculator watch I had when I was a kid (yes…I know…I’m a geek).  That Palm Pilot was pretty remarkable. It had a bunch of information from my desktop and it fit in my pocket. I had to plug it in every day (some things never change), and by doing that I could...

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Pearce Aurigemma | May 4, 2015
Box for EMM

MobileIron is fantastic, Box is amazing and the combination of the two is “fanmazing”.  Ok I just made up a word but it was necessary to describe how valuable and important the integration is to you.

Why Box?

Box’s content sharing solution allows users to access and collaborate on content from anywhere, while providing IT with enterprise-grade security and...

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Ryan Faas | May 4, 2015
Generation Mobile and Wearables

Preorders, try-on sessions, and in-store reservations for Apple’s smartwatch began on Friday. With some reports claiming that ...

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Tomas Vetrovsky | April 29, 2015
Windows 10 for Enterprise

This week at the BUILD conference, Microsoft shared details of Windows 10 features for business customers. Many IT professionals are starting to realize just how big the new Windows 10 capability and security enhancements will be. This is why, at MobileIron, we have been so excited about the launch.

MobileIron has been working with Microsoft for over a year on the planning,...

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Brett Belding | April 24, 2015
The Morning Routine for Gen M

I am a proud member of a new generation of people -- Generation M. People like me are typically 18-34 year old males (I've aged out, unfortunately) or those who have children under 18 (I have two beautiful daughters).  Gen M people, like me, tend to blend work activities and personal activities throughout the day, and we use a variety of mobile technologies to do so.  This is not to...

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