Secure enterprise-class email with Email+

Secure enterprise-class email with Email+

As users look to enhance their productivity and need to access sensitive corporate resources using smartphones and tablets, securing personal Email, Contacts and Calendar also referred to as Personal Information Management (PIM), is a key aspect of enterprise mobility management.

The enterprise IT department needs to ensure that they can secure and easily manage email, calendaring, contacts and task management effortlessly on thousands of devices across multiple operating systems including Android and iOS. While for most enterprises, a native PIM experience that is offered as part of the device's operating system is sufficient, some customers prefer additional security controls that native email does not offer. An effective Secure PIM solution can provide business users additional security and privacy beyond what is offered in the native PIM solution. Some examples of use cases that can be addressed by a secure PIM solution are: 

  • Data Loss Prevention controls to protect against malware concerns and consumer services that pull data out of native email, calendar and contacts that goes above and beyond what the OS provides - such as app level passcode and restricting copy/paste.
  • Distinct segmentation of work and personal content. This includes app-level authentication so your email can stay locked while your kids can play a game on your device.
  • And interoperability with other secure apps, and AppConnect apps in particular.  Withsecure email solution a user can open links in a secure browser, and also open attachments in secure viewers.

The Email+ solution for iOS and Android offers MobileIron customers a secure and mobile productivity centric email, contacts, calendar and tasks experience on iOS and Android devices that gives IT the security and controls it needs, including government-grade encryption to protect all business apps and data with confidence. Our secure PIM solution includes a workspace that contains user friendly email, contacts, calendar and task. And, in conjunction with MobileIron AppConnect, companies can safely deploy Bring-Your-Own-Device programs, ensuring that business data is protected and secure inside the AppConnect container.

Complete Secure Email Solution

  • Companies can be certain that they are deploying a secure solution that boosts worker productivity without exposing new security threats.
  • IT is able to use a standard solution that protects against data loss. IT Administrators can stop worrying about which devices employees are bringing in and focus on enabling users. And they get a product that has responsive support services from MobileIron.
  • Employees can get work done using an intuitive productivity suite that is designed to be full-featured, safe and enjoyable to use.

Key Feature Highlights:

Strong Security

  • Password-protected email so if an employee leaves an iPad unattended no unauthorized parties can open and read the email on the iPad.
  • Data encryption on mobile devices so that it cannot be extracted in iTunes and with HTML secure mode.
  • Enhanced email security via S/MIME to support signing and encryption.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls such as disabling copy/paste controls so that mobile users are unable to copy and paste content from corporate emails and distribute via social media or personal email.
  • Attachment sharing controls to block non-work applications from opening corporate email attachments.
  • Secure intranet access enabled invisibly and automatically through AppConnect, which can provide a secure connection through per-app VPN.

Business Productivity


  • Highlight external email recipients
  • Automatic sync folder-by-folder
  • Smart Folders showing unread emails in folders
  • VIP notifications


  • Free/Busy availability view when scheduling calendar entries
  • Graphical calendar view in List, Day, Month and Year view
  • Conference autodialing with passcode
  • Propose new time with ability to respond with comments


  • Exporting contact to personal, if allowed by admin


  • Syncing of Exchange Tasks and creating new tasks with timeline, alerts and priority, all within Email+

User Privacy and Choice

  • Separation of work and personal content on the device to protect both end-user privacy and corporate data.
  • Broad set of graphical, notifications and productivity preference settings available to the end-user.


The Email+ solution can be purchased from MobileIron directly. Please contact your MobileIron account manager for more information.