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MobileIron Rooms

The Easy Way to Find and Reserve Conference Rooms

MobileIron Rooms makes reserving conference rooms as easy as tapping a mobile device. Rooms is a simple, easy-to-use app that displays photos and other details of available conference rooms based on the user’s current or future location. Need to move an impromptu hallway discussion or take a personal call in a private room? Simply browse the app for a suitable conference room and reserve it with a single tap on iPhone or iPad.

Rooms App

On-the-go room reservations for employees

  • Find the right room fast

    Rooms displays clear photos and easy-to-understand details such as building, floor, and capacity. It also lists essential room amenities such as projectors, interactive whiteboards, and videoconferencing equipment. This allows users to instantly identify and reserve rooms that meet their capacity and technology needs.

  • Search for rooms based on current or future location

    Employees can look for the closest rooms in their current location or search for available rooms in a different building. The map view also helps users pinpoint the room’s exact location, which is especially helpful if the user is unfamiliar with the building.

  • Extend reservations for meetings in progress

    If a meeting runs long, a room reservation can be easily extended to ensure the meeting isn’t disrupted by other parties. There’s no need to pull out the laptop or phone — users can easily extend the current reservation right from Apple Watch.

Easy setup and management for IT

Up and running in minutes

Rooms is centrally managed using a cloud-driven web-based management console. Admins can easily set building geo-fences and room locations, update room photos, and customize room visibility and display behavior, all without the need for on-premises server software. This means IT can set up the environment in minutes instead of hours or days.

Integrates with
Microsoft Office 365

Rooms integrates directly with Microsoft Office 365 as the system-of-record for room scheduling. Existing room calendars, policies, and settings are reused rather than duplicated and managed in another system. Room reservations are sent as Office 365 meeting invitations, which allows Rooms to interoperate with Microsoft Outlook and other existing products for user and room scheduling.

Simplified security and management

MobileIron Core and MobileIron Cloud EMM solutions can seamlessly secure and manage Rooms. IT can automate the deployment of the Rooms app, streamline the setup process for users, and automatically restrict access to Rooms if the device is compromised. As a result, MobileIron EMM and Rooms work together to provide the simplest way for users to securely find and reserve the conference rooms they need.

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