MobileIron Bridge

MobileIron Bridge

MobileIron Bridge unifies mobile and desktop operations for Windows 10 using a single console and communications channel. It extends EMM capabilities to managing PCs and allows organizations to take advantage of significantly reduced costs and increased efficiency while ensuring consistent security across PCs and mobile.

Closing the EMM gap

Until now, there were some gaps in the EMM approach that prevented IT from adopting it fully to secure and manage their PCs. However, with MobileIron Bridge, admins can modernize their Windows operations without sacrificing the sophisticated security policies and actions of traditional client management tools. Admins can provision, secure and manage Windows 10 PCs in much the same way they do today using traditional tools, only more cost-effectively and with greater agility.

With MobileIron Bridge, organizations can now:

  • Have complete control over PCs with EMM
  • Manage PCs remotely, over-the-air
  • Reduce the need for imaging desktops
  • Leverage GPO-based commands with Powershell scripts deployed by EMM
  • Easily edit and manage Registry
  • Effortlessly deploy non-MSI wrapped Win32 apps
  • Gain File System visibility

MobileIron Bridge now unlocks PC management capabilities not possible previously using EMM, such as:

  • Defining a peripheral device
  • Creating desktop shortcuts
  • Determining the hardware connected to the device
  • Gaining visibility into software on the device
  • Understanding which files are in a folder
  • Making changes to the registry
  • Removing bloatware from the device even if it was a system app

MobileIron Bridge Product Datasheet

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