Advanced Mobile Management

Advanced Mobile Device Management

Mobile Data Security and Device Management for Enterprises

MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management combines traditional mobile device management capabilities with comprehensive security and app capabilities. A mobile IT administrator can manage the lifecycle of the device and its apps, from registration to retirement, and quickly get mobile operations under control.

The MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management platform includes many features built specifically to make the administrator successful when managing devices, apps, and content, while still maintaining the native user experience. These features include the ability for the administrator to manage devices from a central web-based console, configure devices, set policies for encryption and lockdown, enforce passwords, remotely lock and wipe devices, and allow end-user self-service for their devices. Additionally, the platform supports management of app inventory, the ability to create an enterprise app storefront, and provides protection from rogue apps.


  • Access control (Sentry)
    • ActiveSync connection activity and device visibility
    • Blocking of email access
  • Enterprise data boundary
    • Selective wipe
    • Privacy policy
  • Advanced security
    • Certificate distribution
    • Posture detection
  • Additional features
    • Real-time roaming notification
    • Lost phone recovery

Enterprise Integration

  • Web Services API
  • BES and ActiveSync integration
  • Directory services AD/LDAP
  • Certificate authority


  • Over-the-air provisioning
  • Role-based access
  • Group-based actions
  • Broadcast SMS, APNs, C2DM
  • Persistent logs and audit trails
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