MobileIron Sentry

Secure Tunneling and Access Control for Data-in-Motion

MobileIron Sentry is an intelligent gateway that provides secure tunneling and access control to protect data-in-motion for the mobile enterprise. Sentry supports email, app, document, and web traffic, and establishes session trust through the use of certificates to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. With Sentry, only secured and authorized services can access enterprise resources, and that access can be automatically disabled if the mobile user or device falls out of compliance.

Access Control

MobileIron Sentry ensures only authorized devices are able to connect and receive email, app, document, and web content and that the connecting devices meet organizational policy assessments. Sentry also has the ability to block email, app, doc, and web access if a device falls out of compliance.

Secure Tunneling

MobileIron Sentry provides tunneling with certificate-based security for email, apps, docs, and web content. Sentry provides the secure infrastructure that AppTunnel uses for app data, Docs@Work uses for documents, and Web@Work uses for web traffic. AppTunnel provides several layers of security including a unique connection so only authorized apps, users, and devices can connect, certificate-based session authentication that prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, and access control rules which block network access if device-side security is compromised.

Data Protection

In addition to providing a secure tunnel for transmitting email, administrators can provide additional access control by choosing to utilize Docs@Work for email attachments. Docs@Work adds an extra layer of protection to your email by ensuring that email attachments are securely opened only with MobileIron Docs@Work.

MobileIron ActiveSync Management

Sentry also provides ActiveSync-based management for legacy platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile and newer platforms like Windows 8 RT and BlackBerry 10. MobileIron ActiveSync Management actions can include remote wipe, password policy, and enforcement of device encryption.

Sentry is a part of the MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management product.

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