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Gen M

Generation Mobile Suffering From Mobile Guilt

MobileIron asked more than 3,500 professionals how they felt about mixing their work and personal lives. The study uncovered a new group of workers, called “Gen M,” that relies heavily on mobile in their work and personal lives. However, 58% experience guilt when mixing work and personal communication.

Press Release:
Global Study Finds 58% of Generation Mobile Suffering from Mobile Guilt

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Meet Gen M


This hyper-connected group uses mobile to manage every part of life.


Guilt and low job satisfaction plague the world’s workforce

58% of workers feel guilty when they receive personal communication at work. Understand who feels guilty, why, and how to get rid of the guilt.

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Designing the Gen M Enterprise

Mobility fundamentally changes how we live. It has blurred the lines between our work and personal lives and workplace expectations for balance have not kept up. This creates guilt for more than half of us. To attract the best and brightest, employers need to make it easy for employees to mix work and personal activities efficiently and without guilt.