Help@Work: Help is a Tap Away

Help@Work: Help is a Tap Away

Help@Work:  Help is a Tap Away

MobileIron products are built to maximize user choice and IT peace of mind. In this mobile first era, users and help desk staff need better ways to communicate when problems arise on mobile devices. Trying to resolve iPhone and iPad issues over the phone can be frustrating, time consuming, and confusing. It is a process that often leaves users and help desk staff smacking their foreheads and wishing they could just share what they are seeing on the screen. That wish has come true with MobileIron Help@Work, where help is just a tap away.

With Help@Work, MobileIron is revolutionizing the help desk experience for iOS devices by enabling users to share their screen with their help desk staff with a tap. Users no longer spend valuable time trying to describe their issues and help desk staff are no longer ‘flying blind’ trying to identify the problems that users are describing.

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