MobileIron First EMM Vendor to Integrate with Microsoft System Center to Consolidate Desktop and Mobile Management

October 6, 2014

Integration Will Streamline IT Operations and Accelerate Migration to MobileIron

Mountain View, Calif., October 6, 2014 – MobileIron (NASDAQ: MOBL), the leader in enterprise mobility management (EMM), today announced that it is the first EMM vendor to integrate with Microsoft System Center Console Manager (SCCM). This integration will deliver real-time connectivity between SCCM and MobileIron to streamline IT operations and give SCCM administrators a role in mobility management. IT administrators will be able to view MobileIron system data and take baseline mobile management actions directly from their SCCM console thus providing a bridge between the management of traditional PCs and next-generation mobile technologies.

With the rapid adoption of mobile computing and EMM platforms, many organizations have two separate management systems and administrative teams: one for PCs and one for mobile. According to Gartner, however, the future is unified end-point management: “By 2020, smartphone security and management architectures will dominate the endpoint computing environment, while traditional PC image management will decline except on dedicated appliance-style devices.”*

“MobileIron is becoming the modern standard for security and management. Microsoft SCCM has been the legacy standard for client-based systems management,” said Ojas Rege, Vice President Strategy, MobileIron. “This integration will bridge the two systems and allow SCCM administrators to save time and streamline operations. And because of their new ability to integrate with MobileIron, they will now have a seat at the table for the mobile transformation of their organizations.”

The MobileIron integration will allow the SCCM administrator to:

  • Gain a complete view of devices associated with a particular user from the SCCM console.
  • Display and export more than 100 fields of device information from MobileIron, including device data, policies, app inventory, app settings and labels.
  • Take baseline security actions on devices, such as lock, unlock, wipe, retire, and check-in.

The MobileIron SCCM integration will be available free of charge for MobileIron customers. For more information and to see the demo, please visit

*Gartner “Managing PCs, Smartphones and Tablets and the Future Ahead,” by Ken Dulaney, Terrence Cosgrove, May 5, 2014

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