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Fran Thorpe | February 10, 2017

The Internet of (Insecure) Things
With over 80% of our more than 13,500 customers implementing mobility programs on Apple devices, we’re always interested to to hear how Tim Cook and Luca Maestri position Apple...

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Stacy Chen | December 23, 2016

Apple ATS Extension and Google’s Flagship Smartphone
Courtesy of ArsTechnica

ClicktoTweet: Apple ATS Extension, Android Wear watch, and more in this week...

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James Plouffe | December 23, 2016

The Internet of (Insecure) Things
I have endeavored in this ghostly little essay to raise the ghost of an idea which has been haunting me these last few months.

The latest Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies tells us that IoT is short of the Peak of Inflated Expectations and five to ten years from the Plateau of Productivity. But already it presents some wonderful cautionary...

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Sean Frazier | December 21, 2016

Sometimes You Just Have to Be Certified
Who would have thought in this year 2016 (almost 2017) I would be writing a blog post about S/MIME? Having spent my formative computing years at cc:Mail (and later Lotus), I spent a lot of time working with public sector companies and espousing the wisdom of securing your email using this offshoot version of PKI. Later, I would work at...

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Carl Spataro | December 21, 2016

The Internet of (Shadowy) Things
In 2016, we witnessed the first massive Internet of Things (IoT) botnet attacks. In 2017, we may witness the first successful attempt to hold someone with deep pockets liable for the damages.

Or maybe we won’t.

For a variety of reasons, finding a sufficiently solvent defendant to stick with this kind of legal liability may be an...

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Sean Ginevan | December 20, 2016

The Internet of (Shadowy) Things
You may not want the IoT to intersect your enterprise, but it will happen in 2017 whether you allow it or not. Here’s my advice for how to cope.

Hundreds of connected refrigerators, brought in by unsuspecting business departments, are saturating a hospital’s Wi-Fi network. Doctors, who rely on Voice over Wi-Fi for communications, stop...

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Stacy Chen | December 16, 2016

Apple Support App and Android Things IoT Platform
Courtesy of The Verge

ClicktoTweet: Apple Support app, Android things IoT platform, and more in the #mobile #...

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James Plouffe | December 15, 2016


Updated December 22: Apple extended the deadline for app developers to switch to HTTPS server connectivity. Apple will provide another update when the deadline is confirmed.

What is completely transparent...

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Stacy Chen | December 9, 2016

Facebook Workplace and Samsung Galaxy Note7 Update
Courtesy of Fortune

ClicktoTweet: @Facebook Workplace and Samsung Galaxy Note7 Update in the #mobile #infosec security wrap-up this week

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Stacy Chen | December 2, 2016

Cyberattack hits SF #Muni and A Blast from the Past: Nokia is Back!
Courtesy of Gizmodo

ClicktoTweet: Cyberattack hits SF #Muni, A Blast from the Past: Nokia in the #mobile #...

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