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Ojas Rege | November 18, 2011

M1, our first MobileIron user conference, was last month. One of the most popular sessions was the M1 App Contest, at which attendees presented the best internal mobile apps their companies had deployed, while the audience voted over SMS on potential business impact. “American Idol” for mobile enterprise apps, if you will. There was a ton of variety in the submissions, from mobile apps for catching criminals, to making coal mining safer, to designing trucks on the fly.


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Ojas Rege | September 12, 2011

Someone asked me today whether a captive browser might be a good way to give their users secure web access on iOS. Sounds good on paper but the reality is more complicated. Let’s look at the sequence of events that follow:

  1. IT decides VPN plus Safari is not secure enough on iOS because the user can turn off VPN
  2. IT mandates that all users must use a 3rd party captive browser for web access
  3. However, users love the Safari experience and keep using Safari...
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Ojas Rege | June 13, 2011

(Thanks to Aman Kumar for putting structure around these ideas)

Half the products in my garage and pantry at home now claim to be “green” and “clean” and “sustainable.”  Is it true?  I hope so.  Am I susceptible to marketing?  Clearly.

Last week, I had a very interesting conversation about a different kind of sustainability with Craig Shumard and Serge Beaulieu, who headed up information security at CIGNA...

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Ojas Rege | June 10, 2011

There’s Southern hospitality and there’s Mobile hospitality.  One means nice people and good food, the other means … nice people and good food.  I had an interesting conversation today with one of the publications covering the Hospitality market.  We were taking about whether security issues for mobile were different or consistent between Hospitality and other industries. 

There are at least three categories of unique mobile apps in the...

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Ojas Rege | November 21, 2010

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

I grew up in Canada, which means hockey was #1, #2, and #4 on the priority list (#3 was eating, #5 was sleeping). Wayne Gretzky wasn’t talking about enterprise mobility, of course, when he said the above line, but he could have been.

Too often, security is an excuse for not innovating. Up until about 18 months ago, the easy answer when someone in your company wanted to use a new...

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Ojas Rege | November 8, 2010

I’ve recently returned from a weeklong trip to Europe, highlighted by our annual MobileIron Partner Summit.Over the course of the trip I came to a sobering personal realization: My name is Sean and I am addicted to apps.

As I often do when I travel, I took my iPhone with me. Normally, I leave international data roaming turned off, but this trip I found myself using mobile data more than ever while abroad because using apps on my iPhone has become a critical part of my day-to-day...

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Ojas Rege | October 17, 2010

Today, I was watching my son trying to figure out why touching the screen on a BlackBerry Bold does nothing.

Last week, I saw a fantastic presentation from the most innovative IT organization in pharma talking about never building another enterprise app … instead building consumer apps for employees to use.

The week before, at CTIA, I saw some new Android “enterprise-class” phones and couldn’t help but think that design by committee never works.


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Ojas Rege | August 31, 2010

A funny moment happened to me while traveling in the UK a few weeks back. I was at a bar and had my iPad out to catch up on e-mail which piled up during my trip. Two gentlemen sat down next to me. One had an iPhone and was reading something on it. One gentleman looked at me, then to the other with the iPhone and said, “You know, his is bigger”.

It’s true that many view the iPad as a much bigger version of the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, its capabilities extend...

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Ojas Rege | August 17, 2010

A social contract is an ”agreement by the governed on a set of rules by which they are governed.” (thanks Wikipedia)

I have seen very few businesses where the social contract for smartphones, beyond BlackBerry, is clearly laid out and internalized by both employer and employee. It’s almost always missing. I hear that policies are in place, but if they are not understood and accepted by the employee, then for all intents and purposes, they don’t exist.


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Ojas Rege | August 7, 2010

Had a very interesting conversation this week with a forward-thinking IT department. They are trying to address the mobile client fragmentation and consumerization problem head on. They know the demand they are seeing from users will only increase and they know unnatural restrictions on that demand will only inhibit innovation and the growth of the business.

Their strategy is to have a single central management platform that operates across client OS and apps, and then push the...

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